New Poster Available!!

Good Day Good People, 

I’m wishing you all the best during these trying times. It’s been a little tough on this end, as several comic conventions have closed or been postponed. We have been using this time to crank out work, so hopefully we’ll have the next issue of The Search For Sadiqah completed by late summer. In the meantime...a few months ago I was able to get a commission done by the one and only Mel Milton (you should give him a follow on IG @melmadedooks) He is one of my favorite follows. Anyhoo, I have placed the poster on the site and it’s now available for purchase for only $16.99 plus shipping.


I’ve also been thinking about doing a few bundles. Maybe adding Buttons, Pins,, T-Shirts etc. Feel free to respond if you have anything you would like to see.

I’m going to start using this platform a lot more. I thank you for your follows, you can also follow The Search For Sadiqah on FB and IG, and I’m on IG @Greg_Burnham7


Thanks for everything, and please stay safe!!

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